Senior College - Incoming Principal

Sep 11, 2017

Incoming Principal of Senior College at the University of Toronto

Harold Atwood, Professor Emeritus in the Department of Physiology, was elected and installed as the second Principal of Senior College at the University of Toronto in June, 2017.  He takes the place of the founding Principal, Peter Russell (Political Science), who stepped down after serving as Principal since 2009.

Senior College was founded by a group of retired faculty and librarians at the University of Toronto, and is multi-disciplinary. Recently, membership was extended to all retiring faculty members, who have the option of becoming Fellows (including membership in the Faculty Club, where many of the events take place) if they wish to contribute to the programs and direction of the College. Spouses of retired faculty members can join as External Fellows, and a number of them regularly attend the weekly meetings. Information about the College and its programs is available on its website:

Thus, Senior College has the interests of retirees in mind and aims to contribute to the educational, social, and cultural values of the University community, and where possible to the community at large. (In passing, note that all current faculty member will eventually become retirees!).  

Click on file below to learn about the College’s objectives, planned seminars and field trips…..

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