Summary of What You Must Do

1.  Meet the minimum course requirements by Department of   Physiology within the time period set by the School of Graduate Studies. 

2.  Attend the specified number of Departmental seminars
All Physiology graduate students will be required to attend at least 8 seminars over the course of the academic year.  Four of these seminars must be seminars directly sponsored by the Department of Physiology.  Students may choose to attend up to four designated seminars sponsored by associated research institutes located at a) University Health Network b) Mt. Sinai c) Hospital for Sick Children d) Sunnybrook Hospital.  A "sign-in" sheet will be available at each designated seminar.

3.  Complete all laboratory and research work

4.  Meet annual requirements for meeting with your advisory committee and file your annual report each year.
Supervisory Committee Meetings and Annual Reports

5.  Complete a draft of your thesis.
General Requirements for a Completed Master's Degree

6.  Defend your thesis at an examination set by the Department.
Composition of examination committee