Cardiovascular, Renal and Respiratory Platform

Platform Leader: Dr. Steffen-Sebastian Bolz

Description:  Members of the Integrative Sciences Division of the Department of Physiology research the way in which the body's "internal milieu" is maintained, thereby truly reflecting what physiology is all about in its most general sense. Primary areas of focus are the cardiovascular/renal and respiratory systems. Investigative techniques employed range from the molecular through isolated tissue and organ preparations to the whole animal or human, and the investigators themselves conduct a wide range of programs from the clinically applied to the basic sciences. Both primary and cross-appointed faculty have research programs housed either at the Medical Sciences Building or at the affiliated teaching hospitals and research institutes. For specific details on research areas of focus in either the cardiovascular/renal or respiratory, please refer to the individual group descriptors at the websites identified below.


Associated Links: The Cardiovascular Sciences Collaborative Program Heart & Stroke/Richard Lewar Cardiovascular Center of Excellence Group

Division Members: