Department of Physiology

CPS Update

May 23, 2019

I was delighted by the fantastic turnout at the CPS symposium that was held at Hart house on Tuesday. The purpose of the meeting was to recognize the outstanding contributions that two Canadian physiologists have made through the award of the Sarrazin and Stevenson lectures, to promote interdisciplinary, cross-platform physiological research and, to give trainees the opportunity to present talks and discuss their work at a poster session. It was wonderful see such a good turn out from the Department’s faculty and to listen to a wide range of expertly delivered talks.

Congratulations to Pat Brubaker for the award of the prestigious Sarrazin lecture.

A particular thank you to Zhong-Ping Feng, who together with Harley Kurata (University of Alberta) and Francesca Fabry (Mount Sinai Hospital) were the principal organizers of the event. Thank you also to the sun, that decided to shine for about the first time this year.

Graham Collingridge
President of the Canadian Physiological Society