Dr. Phyllis Billia in Toronto Life

Congratulations to Dr. Phyllis Billia, cross-appointed to U of T Physiology and Director of Research at the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre and Co-Director of the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre biobank who was profiled in Toronto Life this week.
Mar 10 / 2020

Dr. Michael Tymianski in the News

Congratulations to Dr. Michael Tymianski, cross-appointed to U of T Physiology and neurosurgeon and senior scientist at the Toronto Western Hospital’s Krembil Research Institute. The Toronto Star featured Dr. Tymianski's recent clinical trial of a drug that could lead to significantly better outcomes for stroke patients.
Feb 21 / 2020

U of T Physiology Professors Collaborate on Heart Cell Discovery in Multi-lab Study

Congratulations to Professors  Anthony Gramolini, Scott Heximer, and all involved in a multi-lab study of damaged heart cells. The study employed state-of-the art equipment and a novel approach to investigating the movement and reorganization of proteins in the damaged cell.
Feb 10 / 2020

New Faculty Member - Dr. Dimitrijevic

A warm welcome to Dr. Andrew Dimitrijevic, our newest status-only faculty member effective February 1st.  Andrew will be participating in the activities of the Neuroscience Research Platform.
Feb 4 / 2020