U of T Physiology Professors' Company Contributes Portable Ventilators to Covid 19 Fight

Mar 24, 2020

Photograph of Professor Joe Fisher in a lab coat with his arms crossed, smiling a bitProfessor Joe Fisher Professor Joe Fisher (cross-appointed to Physiology) and Professor Emeritus James Duffin (retired from Physiology) are co-founders of Thornhill Medical, a company Justin Trudeau lauded this week as an example of Canadian innovators contributing to the mitigation of the Covid 19 pandemic. 

The company will be producing portable ventilators originally developed for military use. 

Professor Fisher explains:

“The first role [of the product] is to help with a surge in supply – if you want to open up a new ICU bed, all you need is this and a stretcher, and you can do that."

We celebrate this amazing work by our colleagues and community-members. 

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