Doctor of Philosophy

Program Requirements

A total of 2.5 full-credit equivalent (FCE) in Physiology courses, with the following guidelines:

  • 0.5 FCE in PSL2000H - Seminars in Physiology PhD (mandatory for all Graduate Students in Physiology).
  • 0.5 FCE in Physiology Graduate-only Courses.
  • 0.5 FCE in PSL1066H - PhD Research Grant Proposal (mandatory for all PhD Students in Physiology).
  • 1.0 FCE with a choice of: Preferably, a Physiology graduate-only course or Physiology Joint Graduate-Undergraduate Course. Rarely, a course taken in another department **.
** Courses taken in other departments may be counted towards a degree, but only upon approval of the Graduate Coordinator and with no other appropriate courses available in the Department of Physiology. A Course Permission Form with full explanation must be completed and submitted to the Graduate Studies Office.PDF iconCourse Permission Form.pdf (22.42 KB)
Up to 1.0 FCE can be claimed from the student's MSc program completed in another department or university, subject to approval by the Graduate Studies Committee. Students transferring from MSc in Physiology are required to complete 1.5 FCE since these students will have already fulfilled 1.0 FCE in the MSc.
  • PSL1066H PhD Research Grant Proposal is a mandatory course and counts as 0.5 FCE. This course requires a written proposal and oral defence of the student's research program over the ensuing three years.  
  • Attendance and contribution to the departmental seminar program is an important part of graduate education and is a requirement of the program.
  • The recommended completion time for the doctoral program is approximately four years, by which time the candidate will write and defend a research thesis, first before a departmental committee, and subsequently before a committee approved by the School of Graduate Studies.
  • A PhD student will be denied further registration in the program and will have his or her eligibility terminated at the end of the third year of registration, in the case of a four-year program, or at the end of the fourth year of registration, in the case of a five-year program, if by that time the student has not completed all requirements for the degree exclusive of thesis research.

Research Grant Proposal (CIHR Style)
Research Proposal in CIHR Format - Instructions to Reviewers
The Art of Grantsmanship

Supervisory Committee Meetings & Annual Reports
Mandatory Seminar Attendance

Thesis Organization

Finishing Up

Final Supervisory Committee Meeting

Deadlines and Thesis Submission

Final Oral Examination at SGS

Timeline to Completion of 4-Year doctoral Program

Summary of What Doctoral Students Must Do

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